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Women 2021 Latest Stylish Zipper Leather Jackets


Women 2021 Latest Stylish Zipper Leather Jackets:

With the assumption that women are more fashion-conscious than men, it could be reasonably argued that the leather jacket for women is as important a fashion staple as any other garment piece for them. So if you are a lady and thinking to invest in a garment piece for you, make sure that it is a zipper stylish leather jacket as we at blackjack leathers have invested heavily in the women stylish leather jacket designs to make this season the best for giving yourself a stunning treat of leather wear. 

As the leather jackets got fame in the 1950s, it was not initially meant and made for women due to its specified usability. But as time passed, women came forward in every field of life and leatherwear started being produced for women. Nowadays it doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity, a street-style blonde, a workaholic, or a social bee, we have a leather jacket for you that perfectly fits your needs and are specifically meant for you. 

Which design to go with?

Choosing a leather jacket that suits your needs and expectations is quite a hard task but we at blackjack leathers have made it easy for you and the following are some of the broad design categories from which you can choose your favorite leather jacket:

  • Celebrities Leather Jacket: inspired by celebrities, this category has a number of leather jackets each inspired by some celebrities such as Scarlet Johnson's Captain America Jacket and Angeline Julie Leather Jacket.
  • Designer Leather Jacket: This leather jacket category has custom designs made by top industry experts at blackjack leathers. With top-quality zipper openings and fines stitching, these leather jackets are all-season wear and can suit multiple occasions and events.
  • Shearling Leather jackets: Women Shearling leather jackets share a common collar design like men’s shearling. The women's zipper shearling leather jackets have a unique design and are meant to serve severe weather conditions while are not suitable for generally soft weather.

How to select the best zipper leather jacket for you?

When it comes to a leather jacket, there are a lot of options available but choosing wisely is very important as there are a lot of technicalities in treating leather that make it last in your wardrobe either for days or for years. We at black jack leathers care for you and have developed four key points over which we think you should base your decision. The four points to consider while buying a stylish leather jacket are as follows:

  • Leather grain: Always check for leather grain before buying a leather jacket as it defines the breath-ability and looks of a leather jacket. Choose the grain and leather quality wisely as if you want as full grain or top grain leather wear.
  • Stitch and Fit: Take a deep look at the stitching as it should be even over the whole jacket so that the jacket can remain durable in your wardrobe. Odd stitches will cause your jacket to be torn up resulting in embarrassment. The stitch quality defines the fitting of a jacket and thus you must never compromise over the stitch quality.
  • Zippers Quality: while choosing a stylish leather zipper jacket, always check the quality of the zipper as it is the most essential part of your leather jacket. Try zipping up and down frequently to check the quality and smoothness of the zippers.
  • Lining: Always look for top-quality leather jacket lining as it defines the feel and wearing experience of your jacket. You won’t be able to keep a leather jacket on with cheap lining while you can have a top-quality inner lining leather jacket for days without being tired.

If we have gone through the above guidance for buying a leather jacket for you this season, we invite you to take a look at some o the top quality stylish zipper leather jackets in which we have used 100% pure and genuine leather to give you a premium feel that you will seldom find in the market. With premium stitch quality and innovative designs, we have kept the legacy of the women's leather jackets up using our state-of-the-art leather treatment facilities where we don’t discriminate while designing the leather as we think of it as something that’s above the gender differentiation. So visit our women's leather jacket category right now to choose your best match for this season.


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Men 2021 Latest Stylish Zipper Leather Jackets:


Men 2021 Latest Stylish Zipper Leather Jackets:

It seems that 2021 is a year of blessing as the colors of our planet are blooming again after a long ordeal caused by the spread of Covid-19. These glitters of social gatherings, events, meet-ups, and social bonding are reviving again and there is a thus need for every man out there to think about updating their wardrobe with some of the top quality pure leather jackets that can set the evenings to rock. In this blog, we have come up with some of the best recommendations for you to buy in this season that will remain in your wardrobe for a very long time while having their beauty intact. The blog also includes the reason why one should go with the stylish zipper leather jackets and how can these jackets catalyze the feel of your presence wherever you go with these jackets on you.

Why Stylish Zipper Leather Jackets:

While deciding to buy an outfit, the first question that comes to mind is why one should go for buying stylish leather outfits as leather is one of the most ancient materials used for clothing while we have many innovative solutions with us in this century. Well, the answer is quite simple, leather being a natural material has an inbuilt tendency to attract everyone's attention, it gives you irreplaceable looks while at the same time is one of the most durable materials. Another competitive edge of leatherwear is that it is the only wear type that gets more valuable and stunning as it gets old. Everyone knows that as the leather wear gets old, it gets more vintage looks that make it impossible for people to ignore it.

The reason behind choosing the zipper leather stylish jacket is that it is very easy to be put on and off. Moreover, it provides flexibility towards the zipping limit when put on so you can adjust it as comfortably as you want. 

How to select the best Zipper Leather Jacket:

When you have decided to go with leather wear in this season, the next question that arises is what type and which style should you go for as the leather jacket has come up in a variety of categories and styles in the last 70 years. In the early 1950s, leatherwear was a symbol of rebellion and was tagged with a chain smokers' biking journey image. But with time, leatherwear has innovated a lot and there are a number of casual, formal, and many other types of designs that you can pull off even in business gatherings. So for the sake of making it easy for you to select the best stylish zipper leather jacket for you, we have categorized some of the broad categories for you to narrow your research:

  • Bikers: This is one of the classiest zipper leather jacket styles that have been used by leather wear lovers for a very long time. With a combination of wide collars, zippers, and buttons, this jacket might be the best suit for you if you are a biking lover.
  • Bomber: This is the leather jacket style that is mostly used as casual wear as it combines simplicity with trending designs. This is generally considered the best match for the people who are going to get their first leather wear as it comes in relaxed fitting and a sober style. 
  • Cafe Racer: this category of leather jackets comes with an uncluttered design, front zippers, and in some cases standing collars that make it one of the clean-cut designs with a classy look. This jacket best suits derby shoes, knitwear, and wool trousers. 
  • Flight: this jacket was first designed during world war II and it comes with shearling collars that were meant to keep the fighter pilots warm as the jets at that time were not much technology equipped. Similar to the Bomber jacket in looks, the flight jacket is best suited for extreme weather conditions. 
  • Utility: This zipper leather jacket can be worn from autumn to winter and even beyond due to its classical countryside style and front pockets with stream front length that gives you stunning looks. 

As you have gone through all of the major stylish leather jacket styles, you must visit our leather jacket collection once to get the best leather jacket for you that gives you uncanny power and looks and makes you stand out in the crowd, all at a very affordable price.

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Most popular leather jackets in 2021

Popular Jackets leather jackets in 2021:

Leather was originally meant for people who used to work outside as it protected them from weather and harsh conditions being a hard wear. With time, leatherwear started being adopted by bikers and other sportsmen because of its unique and stunning looks. Leatherwear has been continuously innovating in terms of designs and processing and here we are in 2021 with a huge influx of population who consider the leather jackets as a go-to product standing out in the crowd and to look different. Although the hardness in the leather jackets has been lessened and their comfort has been much enhanced, but still there is a lot that needs to be taken care of when stitching pure leather jackets as it is not an easy task, and not everyone in the market stitch and sell the pure leather jackets.

After the global hardships that were faced globally due to the spread of Covid-19, we have reached 2021 which seems a year of a soft breeze as we have reached the landmark of vaccination. So, this year needs to be celebrated by having quality leather wears that provide you with ultimate stunning looks and comfort.

We at Black Jack Leathers have done our research and have found 5 top designs that would be most trending in 2021 and so you must get these right now by visiting our collections as we have pioneered in crafting leather from our vast diversified experience of treating leather. Those top five leather jackets designs are as follows:

  • Black Leather Biker jackets: the biker jackets have been one of the most worn leather jackets as these have a unique design that provides the bike riders with mesmerizing looks and have a crafting philosophy that makes bike riding easy and enjoyable. The black color has been one of the favorite colors for the men jackets as it can be worn with multi-color outfits and has a collaborative contrast that makes eyes turn towards you. Made with a variety of leather types, from cowhide leather to sheep leather, the black leather biker jackets are the most trending in 2021 so you must go and buy one as it is the right time now.
  • Shearling lapel collar leather Jacket: the design of this amazing leather jacket was first used in World War II when the pilots had to fly in the open cockpits and the jackets were designed to keep them warm and to keep the chill away. But the design is still in high demand and it has been one of the most demanded jackets. The lapel collars are detachable ones with zipper openings and provide a flexible wearing experience. The blackjack leathers have excelled in making lapel collars jackets with 1005 pure leather so visit our leather jacket collection to get one of the top trending 2021 jackets for you.
  • Leather and wool Jackets: When it’s about leather jackets, leather and wool are considered the best combination as the leather provides stunning looks while the wool is the best material when it’s about softness and comfort. Keeping in view the increasing trends of leather and wool combo, we have designed the cowboy and billionaire leather and wool jackets, these jackets have inner made of 100% pure wool while the outer is made up of genuine leather that gives you the immaculate looks and an ultra-soft wearing experience. What are you waiting for then? Just go and visit our leather jacket collections to get the best leather jacket for you.
  • Fur leather jackets with hoodies: leather jackets with hoodies are also one of the most trending jackets in 2021 as many TV series and movies have used such jackets for their lead roles such as Oliver Queen in the Arrow. There are further two types in this category: the detachable hoodie jackets and the fixed hoodie jackets. We have kept our collection updated with the 2021 trends and have designed some of the top pure leather jackets with a hoodie. Visit our leather and fur jackets collection to get the best for you.
  • Café Racer Collection: Café racer is the last on our list and this category is also a very trending one. This category is related to the biker jacket category and it includes jacket designs like the biker ones with some trenches of racing style in them. The blackjack leather has also crafted some of the top café racer jackets in multiple designs and colors so visit our latest collection right now to get the best one for you.

You cannot think of men’s fashion without incorporating the leather jackets into your thoughts as these jackets have been embedded with the men’s and even women’s overall fashion theme. But due to the spread of Covid-19 in 2019 and 2020, the recreational activities were totally restricted and the global borders were closed. 2021 however has brought some ease to the scenario and tourism, along with other activities, is being resumed. So this is the right time to dress you up in your favorite leather jacket. The Black jack Leathers has crafted some of the top trending leather jackets for you to make you proud of your collections in 2021. So visit our categories to get the best leather jackets for you.

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90s leather Jackets

Why you must choose 90s leather jackets:

Leather has been one of the most used materials that have been used for making wearable for human beings. It has a legacy dating back centuries, but it got a class in the early 1900 when the fighter pilots started using leather jackets during their flights. The trend of leather jackets wear started in the early 1900 and reached its height in the 1990s when rock stars, pop stars, and other celebrities started glorifying leather jackets and this was the time when leather wear gained its new identity as a status symbol due to the innovative designs and high-quality leather combined with high-tech leather processing facilities which were not earlier available.

As the 90s was the revolutionary decade in history, industrialization, and commercial automation, the leather industry also saw a boom in the decade, and resultantly, some of the most famous, fabulous, and stunning designs were crafted in that time which is why 90s is considered a landmark decade for leatherwear. Therefore, it is a very wise choice to go for a 90s style leather jacket as these can be used as multiple occasion wear. So, if you are a leather wear fan and looking for a jacket, we will recommend you to visit our vintage and classical leather jackets categories where you can find some of the best designs having innovation embedded with the classical vintage touch of the 90s.

How to search for a 90s leather jacket:

If you are going to buy a 90s leather jacket, you need to know how to select the best 90s leather jacket and we are here to help you with that. Just remember the following points while going for the best 90s leather jacket:

  • Length is one of the most noticeable things in the 90s vintage leather jackets as the long jackets were trending then and so if you are craving for a stunning 90s look, you should get a jacket that has a bit longer length.
  • The Collar size and design is the second most important thing in a jacket’s overall design and the 90s jackets had prominent long and wide staple collars. So, keep an eye on the collar design and size before buying a leather jacket, particularly if you are willing for a 90s styled stuff.
  • The front opening is the third most important factor that defines the design philosophy and looks of a leather jacket. The 90’s leather jackets had buttoned openings as zippers were not much common than and the quality of the zipper was also an issue. But there were many classical jackets in which a combination of both zippers and buttons were used.
  • Leather stuff and quality are the most important of all factors as you need to make sure that if the jacket you are going to wear has the original and genuine stuff or it is an artificially treated material. Well, there are a lot of players in the market who are selling leather-like replicas which will not last a few months in your wardrobe. So, it is pertinent to find a pure leather jacket as we think that if you are going to wear leather then it must be the best of all that are available.


What Black Jack Leathers has for you in this regard?

We at Black jack leathers as a one-line quality policy and we don’t dig down into many complexities for our prestigious customers across the globe. Our policy is simply a “No Compromise on Quality” policy and this governs all our crafting, treating, and leather stitching processes. Following is the list of our competitive edges that we have above our competitors:

  • We have trusted suppliers across the globe through which we can get the best and top quality 100% pure leather for your 90’s leather Jacket.
  • We have top industry expert designers who are always there to design the best and innovative designs right as per your needs. We have a special section of vintage designers who are experts at designing classical vintage jackets.
  • Our stitching facilities are unmatchable, and we deploy the best industry resources to stitch superfine leather jackets for you.

If you are still looking for a leather jacket that dates back to the 90s in the style, you are at the right place as we have some of the top and bestselling products for you that will perfectly fit your vintage fashion needs while keeping you in line with the modern trendy fashion.

Leather has been known for one of the best wearable materials for mankind since centuries but in the 1900s, the leather wear saw huge innovation as there were many new methods invented for treating leather and giving it immaculate looks. It was 1990s though, when leather was worn as a status symbol and this is why the 90s leather jackets enjoy the highest fame till date due to their unique innovative design and the shifting use of leather jackets from sports only wear to casual and party wear. We at black jack leather are committed to providing our customers with top quality leather jackets from our 90s collection.



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Is the genuine cowhide leather jacket waterproof or Resistant?

Is the genuine cowhide leather jacket waterproof or Resistant?

Cowhide:  Cowhide is the natural, unbleached skin and fur of cow. Cowhide leather is a product of the processing of cowhide in the industries. It is non-porous and does not allow anything like water or oil to penetrate itself. It is the most commonly used form of leather. Due to its durability and strength, it has been the material of choice since the 1920s. And this is why it is thought to be water-resistant and dirt-resistant. It also offers excellent protection specially in bad weather.  Raw Leather:  Raw leather is a permeable form and it is able to absorb moisture....

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