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Terms And Conditions

  • Accessing the website is an act that declares that you are legally entitles to use the contents represented over the website and the information that has been displayed on this website.
  • We reserve the right to change the prices of the good displayed at any time, with or without the prior notice to the customers as we are the sole owners of the contents and the products displayed on this website.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or refuse the supply of goods to any country, state or city without the approval of the customer.
  • The contents and the information displayed on this website is for general use and informative purpose, this information cannot be used in the court reference and is only for informative purpose.
  • All the refunds and returns will be dealt as per the policy so please go through the complete refund, return and exchange policies.
  • All of the custom orders are subject to the availability of the material and if you products, for any reason, could not be dispatched, you will be given the refund or the alternative products.
  • The products would not be dispatched until the payment has been confirmed by your vendors and the dispatch procedure will be initiated as soon as we receive the payment.
  • All of the information collected about the customers such as the name, Address and Phone number will only be used to deliver your products precisely to your location and will not be shared by any third party for any use without your prior approval and consent.
  • The responsibility of returning the items for an exchange or refund completely rests on the shoulders of the customers and we will not be responsible for any damage caused to the products on return nor will we pay for the return costs.
  • Black Jack Leathers reserves the right to change, add or remove, some or all of the stated terms and conditions and We also reserve the right to change the content of the website before prior notice.
  • The content, products and the information displayed on this website is the intellectual property of the website owners and should not be used for any purpose without the prior approval of the owner of the website. The products titles and designs are our trademarks so these must not be copied for any purpose whatsoever without the prior approval of the website owner.
  • The use of this website must be governed by international laws of information privacy, and ethical usage thereby considering any act of hack or data theft as illegal.


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