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10 Common Myths About Leather Jackets Debunked


10 Common Myths About Leather Jackets Debunked

A leather jacket is one of the most lovable and popular garments in the fashion industry. They were first introduced to the world as a stylish garment in 1928 and it achieved fame in a short time. People started to adopt fashion and modern ways of clothing and new types of clothes started to appear but none of them could take the position of leather jackets. Leather jackets have become a trendy fashion in numerous EU countries especially in cold countries where the temperature is below 0 degrees. Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions are revolving around social media and the internet about leather jackets. In this article, I am going to debunk all these myths about leather jackets. You should read till the last line so that you might not believe in any ridiculous and bizarre misconception about leather jackets from any person.

  1. Black and Brown are the only Color for Leather
  2. Leather Jackets are not Suitable for Summer
  3. Leather Jackets Color Fades Easily
  4. Difficult to Clean
  5. Fabric is Better than Leather
  6. Jackets Durability Depends on its price
  7. Leather Jackets Cannot Be Repaired
  8. It Comes Rough over time
  9. Don’t wash leather
  10. Jackets are made up of Cowhide


1:  Black and Brown are the only Color for Leather

Just because the majority of the people like to wear black and Brown Leather Jackets it doesn’t mean that they are only available in these two colors. These garments are manufactured in factories in a variety of different colors which includes red, green, white, yellow, purple, blue, and many more.

2: Leather Jackets are not Suitable for Summer

Many people say that jackets are best for winter as they keep warm but in the summer they are useless because it feels hot after wearing them. It is a misconception around the people, leather jackets are the best garment to stay warm but in the summer it also keeps you comfortable.

3: Leather Jackets color Fades Easily

The leather jacket does not fade easily; it depends on the person who uses it. Many people only buy and use leather jackets without taking care and maintenance of it. A person who cleans its jacket and gives it to laundry on proper time their jacket last longer and shine till years.

4: Difficult to Clean

There are special techniques and washing products in the market for cleaning leather jackets. They are very hard to clean if you will use any common cleaning detergent, there are special detergents manufactured for different types of jackets. The right method and detergent can easily clean your jacket in no time without any difficulty or problems.

5: Fabric is Better than Leather

Just because people don’t know the proper method of cleaning jackets and maintaining them, they have made this myth that fabric is better than leather jackets. A jacket needs proper maintenance and if you are not providing it with that it will definitely lose its shine and durability. Anyway, leather is better than fabric.

6: Jackets Durability depends on its price

It is a popular myth that the expensive leather jacket is more durable. It is a wrong statement because the manufacturing procedure of the jackets is almost the same for every jacket. The only difference is that the high jacket either belongs to a big brand or is being sold by an agent.

7: Leather Jackets Cannot Be Repaired

It is one of the common myths that leather jackets can’t be repaired, it’s surely a wrong belief. There are shops in the market which have a variety of leather repair kits. You can easily find these markets in your neighborhood. They repair different types of leather jackets and make them look like new again.

8: It becomes Rough over time

It is a myth which is completely wrong because over time jackets do not become rough they become soft. Yes, if you will use your jacket daily you can feel that they are softer than before. It will be more comfortable after a few years and it’s one of the best features of leather jackets.

9: Don’t wash Leather

Leather jackets are washable and waterproof. They can bear moisture because of their leather which is used in the production of leather jackets. You can even go outside in the rain wearing jacket water will not damage it. So do not be afraid to wash your jackets with water otherwise it will look dirty and smelly.

10: Jackets are made up of CowHide

Cowhide is one of the most common leather which is used in leather jacket manufacturing. However, there are other animals hide such as sheep hide. If you don’t like cowhide jackets then you can buy a sheep side jacket but it is a myth that jackets are made up of only cowhide.


In summary, these were the myths about leather jackets that I debunked. Just because people don’t have the knowledge about something they make myths and misconceptions. If you heard any other myths about leather jackets from anyone first research about it and then decide whether it is myth or reality.

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