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Is the genuine cowhide leather jacket waterproof or Resistant?


Cowhide is the natural, unbleached skin and fur of cow. Cowhide leather is a product of the processing of cowhide in the industries. It is non-porous and does not allow anything like water or oil to penetrate itself. It is the most commonly used form of leather. Due to its durability and strength, it has been the material of choice since the 1920s. And this is why it is thought to be water-resistant and dirt-resistant. It also offers excellent protection specially in bad weather. 

Raw Leather: 

Raw leather is a permeable form and it is able to absorb moisture. When it absorbs moisture, the leather becomes so stiff that its ultimate shape gets destroyed. Therefore, natural leather can never be made 100% waterproof, not even by the industries. 

Properties of Cowhide Leather Jackets: 

Cowhide leather jackets are almost 100% water and dirt-resistant. They are one of the heaviest leathers but at the same time; with its tough wearing, cowhide leather is durable, the least expensive leather, easy to care for and it is easily available everywhere. These are the reasons that most consumers prefer cowhide jackets. Moreover, cowhide leather is also used in leather furniture because of its best combination of durability, cost and softness. 

Effect of Water on Cowhide Leather Jackets: 

The longer you wear your cowhide jackets, the more you’ll start to desire a second skin. It’s a fact that it’s intimidating often to seek out the right leather jacket once you spend in a leather jacket. It’s extremely important to know whether the jacket you’re wearing is waterproof or not. Cowhide leather jackets can be taken out in the rain but you will need extra maintenance to keep your jacket good as new even after going out in the rain. If cowhide leather isn’t treated and waxed well, after coming from rain, it will get damaged. Although you will be getting the genuine feel of the leather, it will also damage more easily. If the leather jacket is continued to be untreated and unwaxed, then the water will land right onto your jacket and there would not be a protecting layer over it. This may let the jacket soak up in the water. And if once a genuine cowhide leather jacket absorbs water, it will become soft. This isn’t necessarily a good sign. You should be careful every time you come from a rainy day because your new leather jacket can even rot or become really stiff. 

The main reason behind this is that water causes the cowhide leather to dry and lose its essential oils. And if leather dries, it becomes solid and hard. If the leather does not dry up, it can also rot. If you will go walk in heavy rain with a cowhide leather jacket It will lose its essential oils and develops a dry texture. Hence, genuine cowhide leather jackets are not 100% waterproof but can still be water-resistant. 

How to make Cowhide Leather Jackets Nearly Waterproof? 

  1. Which Waterproofing Products should be used? 

There are many remedies to make your cowhide leather jacket nearly waterproof too. It’s basic to keep it safe from water and take excellent care of it. However, other different ways to protect your cowhide leather are by using waterproofing products on it like applying a particular sort of wax to protect the leather jacket. Various leather waterproofing products do the work well. But it is essential to first test it on a small patch before you apply it all over the jacket. The leading famous waterproofing products are Duckswax and Nikwax. Testing these products on a small patch first is done to see if it’s suitable to use to the whole jacket to make it more waterproof. These products do not guarantee to give your leather jacket a raincoat but they are going to confirm that water would not damage the jacket as much as it would have when left untreated. 

  1. How to Condition Your Leather Jacket?

Another way is by conditioning your leather jacket. Your genuine cowhide leather should be wet when you condition it since being wet increases its permeability and lets the leather absorb conditioners properly. After cleaning the leather surface, apply a small amount of conditioner to a clean cloth and rub it smoothly onto your cowhide leather. It’s necessary to pay attention to any creases and folds because those are the areas that need the most conditioning. Once you have used the conditioner on the entire leather surface, give it some time to absorb it and then eliminate any excess. Finally, leave your cowhide jacket to dry at room temperature, again avoiding sunlight. Conditioning your leather frequently will not only enhance its water-resistance but will also extend its lifespan and protect it from other types of elemental suffering and allow it to maintain its original look. 


A genuine cowhide leather jacket is not waterproof but it’s water-resistant. Water will not damage the jacket at once but it will slowly change the jacket's appearance and comfortability.

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