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What is the difference between Real & Synthetic Leather | Black Jack Leathers


It is a bit difficult to distinguish real leather from the synthetic one because there have been many innovative ways through which synthetic leather is being prepared or in many cases, the company’s manufacturing leather products do mix the two types of leather and creates a blend which is very difficult to identify by the customers but has very less durability as compared to pure and genuine leather. Following are the two major differences between the synthetic and real leather which you can check to identify the real leather products when shopping:


As the real leather comes from the upper layer of the animal skins, it has a natural smell in it that can easily be distinguished from the synthetic or PU leather as the latter two will have a synthetic smell of chemicals or plastics that may annoy you but the real leather will have a natural smell that will make you aware of its presence around you.

Texture and Appearance:

If looked at closely, one can identify the difference in the texture of the real leather and synthetic leather. As we have discussed that the real leather comes from the animal upper skin and is thus thick with natural textures on it while the synthetic leather is prepared with plastic base and is treated with the leather wax to give it a leather look that can be distinguished by its upper texture as it will have the same texture all over the products but as the natural hides are different in each animal, the patterns in the real leather will have different spots and texture in the product that can be identified by watching it closely.

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