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What is the difference between Real & Synthetic Leather


What is the difference between Real & Synthetic Leather

Whether it’s winter or summer leather is one of the most wearable and favorite garments people love to wear. It keeps us warm during cold days and not only that it is also being worn as a fashion trend. Every year fresh trends and designs of leather come on the market, people now usually search leather coat shops near me and they can easily go and buy coats. But there is a big problem which is rising nowadays and that is selling synthetic leathers. In today’s time, it is tough to identify what is real leather and what is synthetic because there have been many innovative ways through which synthetic leather is being prepared or in many cases leather manufacturer mix two types of leather and creates a blend which is very difficult to identify by the customers but has very less durability as compared to genuine leather. We always go to the market and try to look for the product which is real and genuine whether it's socks, gloves, anything. I also wanted leather coat a few weeks before so I search for leather coat shops near me and when I went to the shop I could easily see more synthetic leathers than real leathers. Now the question arises, how to find the difference between real and synthetic leather so that we can be safe from fraud leathers.

In the article, I am going to reveal the ways you can distinguish the difference between both leathers but first I will clear the definition of real and synthetic leather.

Real Leather

Real Leather

Real leather is made up of animal leather which is not artificially produced. The animal's leather includes cow leather, sheep’s leather, goat's leather, and many more. Real leather is a natural material and decreases irritations and germs of fungi in leather shoes. Leather shoes are famous for keeping feet warm on cold days.

Real leather is usually expensive because it is real, not artificial. In the market synthetic leather is much cheaper than real because it is cheaper many people buy it without thinking about the long-term effect. You will only waste your time and energy by buying synthetic leather but if you do some research and buy carefully you can get real leather. Real leather can work for many years even for a lifetime. The famous leather products include coats and jackets, in fact, leather coat shops near me is a famous search time people does. Both these types of leather can last for an average of 5 years if you give them proper maintenance.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is also known as artificial leather; they are made by chemicals in the lab. Since the manufacturing of synthetic leathers, real leather sales have dropped by almost 70%. Although synthetic leather cannot provide the benefits of real leather it sure has some advantages which make it top in the eyes of the customer. First, it is cheap as compared to real leathers. Second, it has almost the same appearance as real leather which confuses the customers and makes it harder to recognize whether it is artificial or real and they end up buying synthetic leathers. The most famous brands of manufacturing synthetic leather are Clarino, Lorica, and Rexine. Anyways, let’s discuss how to easily distinguish the difference between real and synthetic leather.

How to Distinguish Between Real and Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leathers are evolving every year and it is becoming very difficult to differentiate the difference between both of them. But don’t worry I will tell you some ways and tricks by which you can avoid being cheated and confused in the future.

  • The real leather texture is smooth and soft on the other hand synthetic leather has a rigid texture that anyone can feel after rubbing the leather.
  • As the real leather comes from the upper layer of the animal skins, it has a natural smell in it that can easily be distinguished from the synthetic or PU leather as the latter two will have a synthetic smell of chemicals or plastics that may annoy you but the real leather will have a natural smell that will make you aware of its presence around you.
  • If looked at closely, one can identify the difference in the texture of the real leather and synthetic leather. As we have discussed that the real leather comes from the animal upper skin and is thus thick with natural textures on it while the synthetic leather is prepared with plastic base and is treated with the leather wax to give it a leather look that can be distinguished by its upper texture as it will have the same texture all over the products but as the natural hides are different in each animal, the patterns in the real leather will have different spots and texture in the product that can be identified by watching it closely.
  • The real leather has a special odor of animal leather in it which cannot be produced artificially and thus synthetic leather has a smell of plastic. You can easily recognize the difference between both of them by smelling it.
  • The price of real leather is expensive because it has to go through several processes however synthetic leather is cheap and affordable for people.
  • Every leather has labels in them. If the leather is real it would have a label of animal leather made but if it has a label of man-made or it is with no label then you have the right to assume that the leather is fake.

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