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What is the difference between a Jacket & a Coat?

Jackets & coats are among the most famous & internationally used garments for example men leather bomber coats & jackets. One of the common questions asked in fashion is what’s the difference between a jacket & coat? Many people believe these two are the same words and often used as synonyms in many ways. However, both words have a definition and are different from each other which few people know. Only the people who work in garment and fashion-related industries know the real difference between jackets and coats. These two garments are worn by men, women and children of every age. In simple words, the main difference between jacket and coat is the length of these two garments but that’s a very simple definition and does not tell much. To fully learn about the differences between two garments you need to read this article till the end because in this article I have explained what are the key differences that make a jacket and coat different according to the experts but before that, let’s have an overview on the definition of a jacket and coat.

What is A Jacket?

What is A Jacket

The word jacket is a term used to refer to a special type of undercoat. It is a garment which is worn on the outside and extends from neck to waist and hips used during the winter season. The main purpose of a jacket is to keep you warm during cold days but people wear jackets in the summer season too for casual style. When jackets were first introduced it was a garment only for winter but as years passed many types of jackets started to appear in the market. Jackets are no longer worn to keep yourself warm instead it has become a fashion garment figure. The modern jacket worn with a suit is called a lounge jacket or lounge coat in British English and sack coat in American English. As the world addresses British English usually the use of lounge jacket terms are widely used.

What is A Coat?

What is A Coat

The term coat is one of the oldest clothing categories in English which was added to the English vocabulary in the Middle ages. It is a garment which is worn on the outside and extends from neck to waist along with full sleeves. Coats tend to be longer than clothes. This garment has a long history which dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries. During the early 19th century, the coat was divided into two types of under-coat and overcoats but in the modern century, these two types are considered as one type because the word coat could be used as both under-coat and overcoats. During the mid 20 century, the term of coats and jackets have become confusing for people as it was tough to tell the difference between the new style of jackets and coats. A coat is a long piece of clothing worn by men and women for style and warmth in winter. Men leather bomber coats are one of the popular coats for men.

 Key Differences Between Jacket and Coat

  • The materials utilized in the jacket have a soft texture and smooth on the other hand the material utilized in the coat is slightly rough and can shrink quickly.
  • Jackets are mostly used for keeping warm and attending gatherings with friends and colleagues, going to parties or during casual activities. While coats are used at a professional level during business meetings, dinners, and conferences.
  • Jackets are worn with pairing pants but coats can be worn with non-matching trousers.
  • A coat is longer than a jacket. A jacket goes around the waist but a coat goes to the thigh or even longer.
  • Jackets are mostly used in the winter season however coats are used in both summer and winter seasons.


In summary, it will be wrong to say that coats and jackets are the same but in American English, these two words are used as synonyms in many cases. Many men wear jackets as a fashion garment rather than protecting garment for example Men bomber leather coats and jackets but coats are used as protecting clothing.

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